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Tony Miller VIP
Tony Miller May 3 '21

A best friend is one who shows unconditional support to you during all sorts of situations. Other than your parents, it is only your best friend who will stand by you in all sorts of situations, be it joyful or sorrowful. A best friend is one with whom you can share any situation or incident often more than your parents, and one who unlike the entire world does not judge you based on your situations. They have seen both our good and bad qualities, happiness and sorrow and know everything about us, what we love, what we like and about our attitude.

Therefore we don’t need to hide anything from our best friends nor tell them incidents by manipulating them. We just need to be honest with them, because if a person is your best friend, he/she will never judge you or treat you according to your present situation or incident. Your best friend will surely support you during all possible situations with the same belief and trust that you have in them and will never step behind when it comes to supporting and helping you through dark times. Thus everyone needs a best friend in their lives, so that there is always someone to support them unconditionally and care for them in all situations.


Kate Allen VIP
Kate Allen May 21 '21
Right! A BEST friend always stands by your side when everyone else declines to do the same.
Julia Porter Free
Julia Porter May 21 '21
need best friend ))
Rebecca Knight Free
Rebecca Knight May 21 '21
Best friends are hard to find...


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