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Helping Hand | Forum

Tony Miller VIP
Tony Miller May 3 '21
A best friend is one who is never selfish and selflessly helps his friend during any difficult situation. Thus having a best friend will enable you to receive moral as well as physical support during any unforeseen situation. Other than providing you honest mental support and guidelines, he will also serve as a helping hand for you, helping you out of tough situations, which without any help would have been tough for you to cross. Thus everyone needs to have a best friend in their life who is just a call away from being ready to help you out from any difficult situation, and provide you mental and physical support during times in your life when you need it the most.


Leo Nelson VIP
Leo Nelson May 21 '21
Hey. Can men and women REALLY just be friends? )))
Kate Allen VIP
Kate Allen May 21 '21
Why not? Non-sexual and non-romantic relationships between people are absolutely possible. I have many friends of the opposite gender.


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